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Innotek Enterprise – Support & Maintenance Services

If the customers is facing a critical issue related to the software, he will benefit from the full support and expertise of the OpenERP teams. The fixed price of the OpenERP Enterprise protects the client from bad surprises like costly bug fixing or complex migrations. These services are provided by the publisher at a fixed fee.

You will benefit from the following services:

  • Unlimited Migration Services
  • Unlimited Support
  • Unlimited Bug-fix
  • Private Modules Allowed

I. Unlimited Support

Support is also fully included in the annual OpenERP Enterprise annual fee. This protects you in case of both functional and technical difficulties after the deployment of applicaiton. Our staff is fully dedicated to support you after the project implementation. In case of technical issues, you can just call us for problem solutions and training. The training included only covered modules that are implemented by Innotek.

II. Unlimited Bug-Fix

Unexpected bugs might cause delays and additional costs either during the development phase or once your software is implemented. The OpenERP Enterprise includes an unlimited warranty in time and in tickets for bugs related on certified OpenERP modules.

As OpenERP is supporting and migrating only certified modules under the OpenERP enterprise, But OpenERP can also support unlimited bug-fix for the customized modules too, Which includes following modules some of the more customized modules on the top of the certified module.

III. AGPL V3 Or AGPL + Private Use:

With OpenERP Enterprise the customer has the choice to use OpenERP under the AGPL v3 license or under the AGPL v3 plus Private Use license.

As indicated below, is the perfect complement to the support services provided by the Integrator

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